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Our Story

The decision to initiate this service was not without its challenges, yet the gratification of assisting previous clients in securing positions during these turbulent economic times has been immensely rewarding. Witnessing peers, colleagues, and loved ones experiencing layoffs or struggling to find employment post-graduation is a stark reality. Having personally endured such hardships, I understand the profound sense of despair and exhaustion it entails. Hence, I resolved to establish a service to provide you with the most promising opportunities moving forward.


Despite weathering two economic layoffs, I've successfully secured interviews and accepted offers from renowned global enterprises, many of which offered six-figure salaries. I am eager to impart my insights and empower you to pursue your best opportunities.


David Igbokwe, the owner and CEO of Your life's Blueprint

David Igbokwe

Founder & CEO

David is a highly accomplished analyst and director who firmly believes in using his experience and education to help bring others up. Harnessing the knowledge gained from both his undergraduate and master's degrees, David has provided guidance and mentorship to numerous clients, ranging from recent graduates to those navigating through company layoffs.

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